St. Bernards Shot in Red Bluff, CA

Over a week ago, we reported on social media a situation that needed to be looked into further as it was quickly gaining momentum on social media.  In fact, videos were taken of the incident and many neighbors in the area were very upset both during and after the situation had happened.  There was and still is a large disagreement between what happened and what people are saying happened.  Because of this, we kicked off a petition in hopes of getting an answer.

As of right now, are petition has just under 14K signatures and a similar petition has just under 19K signatures.  Our petition link is here, .

Here is a news story of one of the most recent updates, .

We remain hopeful that this will get resolved, however, the dog’s owners, who just recently moved here, are said to be consulting with their attorneys.  More updates may be coming.

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8 thoughts on “St. Bernards Shot in Red Bluff, CA

  • As for myself I am not at all shocked about the police’s lying to cover up their wrong doing yet once again. This happens more than you know and it saddens me. My mom also lives right down the street from said incident and one of my life long friends lives there and has to witness and watch the second St Banard lay there and bleed out in the yard next to her house. She witnessed the whole incident. AND IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT ST. BANARDS THEY WOULD KNOW THAT THEY WON’T HARM ANYONE. THEY ARE ONE OF THE MOST FRIENDLY BREEDS ALIVE. I pray that the family gets proper closure and I hope that the cop who did this gets what’s coming to him. He was completely in the wrong all over a lie that a child made up.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more the cop who shot those 2 St Bernard dogs is obviously lying through his teeth, the owners need answers as to why this action was taken , sounds as if this cop thought he was John Wayne taking on who ever got in his way or disagreed with him , hope he gets what he deserves , karma will succeed..


    • My neighbor had her leg removed from the knee down and asked that I walk her two dogs since she cant yet. I had a triple bypass the year before and agreed to walk the dogs with a friend of hers. I chose to walk down the cul de sac because of lite traffic and it was a perfect distance seeing as I live just around the corner. I was confronted by a guy that lives on the street and told to not walk my dogs on his street because it upset his two dogs . After threatening to shoot, yes shoot my dogs he called the police .He lied to the officer saying I was teasing his dogs A police officer did come to my house but I had already left for work. I am sure that this a**hole called and made up some bull**** lie and set the tempo for what came next. Im sorry for the owners loss, it would have killed me to lose my pets to someone who pulled the trigger with pleasure .

  • This is a heartbreaking reality. These dogs should not have been killed this way. The officer that shot them is a coward. Unfit to be a “peace officer”.

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