Why Get a Dog from the Shelter?

Shelter dogs are among the best dogs to get vs a breeder.  Sure one can always make the argument that they are not likely purebred, however some can be.  It all comes down to what you are wanting out of your pet.  It has been shown in numerous instances that shelter pets, or mixed breed dogs significantly outlast their purebred friends.   If you think about it, it makes sense.  Think of all the dogs who were bred for specific instances, some of this is getting out of hand.

If you were to compare dogs from 1915 to 2015, you will see a stark difference.   The impact on these dogs is far from just their looks, their life expectancy has been impacted too.   Sure we are in favor of animals being adopted and not in favor of breeders, but every dog deserves a home, and every owner deserves a dog that is right from the get go.  We can only hope that shelter animals will continue to be accepted in society.


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