RRTA- Looking for New Animals to help Save/ Bans to Lift

As many of you know, we like to get involved and stay active in the animal rescue community, we are asking you to let us know if you know of any animals or cases that meet the following…..

  1.  Have been in the shelter for over a year and are at risk for euthanasia
  2. A dog (or other animal ) at risk of euthanasia, due to circumstances outside of their control  (example: dog bit someone but it wasn’t their fault)  Lets face it sometimes they are at fault, but we are here to help be the voice for the pets when they are likely not at fault.
  3. Cities that have BSL, we want to help eradicate this, however in some cities, believe it or not, it is better for the breed.   Of course, like everything it depends how it is carried out.   Bottom line, if you are a responsible dog owner, this is unfair.

Send us your information or stories to info@rrta.org

Thank you!


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