Breed Specific Legislation…What is it?

Breed specific legislation, more commonly referred to as BSL, as drastically become a controversial topic in the last several years.   You often see viral posts of pitbulls or other breeds that are marked as aggressive after a dog within the breed does something terribly wrong.  Most of the time though, this comes down to owners and the home they are raised in.   There are trigger points for aggressive behaviors and I wish to talk about just a few of them today.

Trigger Points for Aggression in Dogs

  1. Being tied down to a cable or rope outside is no life for any animal, it not only leaves them susceptible to the weather, but often times, leaves the dogs unattended.   We all know how much trouble a dog can get in when left unattended.   However, when you started adding variables to it, such as pesky neighborhood kids that tease the dog, or other animals for that matter, or a no where to lay down and rest (out of the shade perhaps), this makes an already bad situation, worse.
  2. Regardless of if a dog has bad behavior or not, it can all be corrected if they have a dedicated owner.   It may sound silly to some, but an owner should treat their dog, as a child, and nothing less.  For example, would they let their child outside in the manner described above?  I certainly hope not.   How people raise their dogs, says volumes about their level of effort and responsibility.   When you get a puppy you aren’t “signing” on to stay with it for a few years, you are opting to stay with it through the good and the bad, even when they are seniors and may have difficulty walking.
  3. Territory invasions/Food aggression/Being Picked up  These are all lumped into one, because they can be easily managed with care and respect.  You need to respect the boundaries of a canine and not go past them.  There is a reason we are a different species, but by understanding one another we can easily co-exist.  Like anything, it takes time and patience.  This matter gets a little more difficult when other animals are involved in the mix, or children for that matter, but I firmly believe every solution is fixable, but its fully dependent on how much effort the owner(s) are willing to exert.

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