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We all know that we get each other gifts for the holidays, but what about our pets?   They account for a lot of gifts during the holidays and yours shouldn’t be left out.  Did you know that each year people have spent in total, about $60 billion on their pets?  This is according to the American Pet Products Association.   If this is true these numbers are staggering.   Just think how much you might spend on your pets per month.   A bit crazy right?  Well not really considering how much we all love them.

We recommend not just buying products that look like they might be ideal for our pets because they are low in price or on clearance, but research them out first, that extra 5 minutes of research, could save you a trip to the VET ER.   Think about it, some toys and food treats for pets can become a choking hazard for some smaller breeds whereas larger breeds are more able to handle it.  Sellers may not be as quick to relay this information to the buyer, especially if their products are already on clearance.  With so many platforms to sell products on, simply checking the reviews to ensure they are good for your pet and are quality is a good measure, it can save you money as well!

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