Cat or Dog

Have you ever had to choose between getting a cat or a dog?  It isn’t an easy choice and it is one that is surely to rattle your household if your make the wrong choice, and if you live alone, then that is most definitely going to make the decision easier, but still not automatic.

Dog Lying Down on GrassBrown Cat With Green Eyes

Our best advice when trying to determine what kind of pet to go with is simple.   Plan based on what kind of family you have, and what your current life is like and how you want it to be.  Your pet needs to grow within your life, not apart.  For instance, if you don’t have time now, what makes you think you will have time for your pet.  If you are confident you will have enough time, maybe a cat is for you, they will require the most less care of the two, but are still pets and should be treated as such.  Dogs are easier to communicate with, but also require be let out on a daily basis.

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