Adopting Animals vs Purchasing from a Breeder

Too often, people choose to get pets from a breeder rather than from a shelter. but what we are failing to see, is that some of the best pets are those in shelters, and often times, they are more affordable and can provide a better companion than any other pet.

Woman Taking a Photo of Herself With White Dog

We understand that it is easy to fall for the cute puppy eyes and the soft touch of a kitten, but you can find all of that at your local animal shelter, and guess what, they might even have close to what you are looking for!   Better yet, you can save a life, and in turn they just might make yours better for that kind gesture.   Although each pet is different, an act can go a long way, an act of kindness of adopting a pet is something that should be seen as an act that resembles your meaningness to stay with them from start to finish.  They need you, just as you likely need them.   So, the next time you think of getting a pet, please check around at area shelters, some people are known to travel several hours, just to find the pet they have been looking for, because after all, they could be in your life for 10-25 years!

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