Update: Browser the Library Cat 1/3/17

It appears that Browser will maintain his position as the White Settlement, Texas Public library after Elzie Clements significantly lost his position in the election late last year.  Elzie, was the main person behind Browser getting removed from the library, which ultimately went viral and allowed Browser to stay in the library.  However, many thought that if Elzie remained, Browser may be at risk of being kicked out of the public library.

Browser has been with the library since he was a kitten, and was ironically adopted for, you guessed it, pest control!

We will continue to try to reach out and get pictures of Browser for you as often as we can, it is our New Years goal!

2 thoughts on “Update: Browser the Library Cat 1/3/17

  • Good news for Browser. It is his home and needs to stay there. I’m sure many look forward to seeing him on their visits to the library.

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