Petition to Remove Kathy Beason

Yes, we know that Marley is saved and living freely in New York, but Bay County Animal Services needs a new voice, a voice that rings in the new year with a good tone.  A tone that is in support of saving the lives of helpless animals who have no voices.  Until that time, we will continue the petition and hope for change.

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9 thoughts on “Petition to Remove Kathy Beason

  • I agree. They need people who have a heart and compassion for these poor animals. Get that Woman who doesn’t possess these qualities out of there!

  • It’s such a shame when those who are hired to protect the animals, turn against them. This is not the first time, nor will it be last, when those hired as caretakers and protectors of animals, turn against them and do not fight for their best interests. The only thing that can be done when this happens is IMMEDIATELY terminated the employment of ANYONE who does not have the animals’ best interests at heart. God Bless those precious creatures who fall into their hands!

  • Animals who are forced to live in an animal shelter need a human that can understand them. Yes, they can’t speak words– but someone who can understand them can look into their eyes and understand them. It takes a person with the understanding of animals to do it. A person who doesn’t have the real understanding of animals will make a poor animal control employee. Oh, the animals can tell the difference between someone who really speaks to them and someone who doesn’t understand them. Animals aren’t dumb.

  • Bay County Animal Services needs a new voice who actually cares about the welfare of animals. Remove Kathy Beason.

  • I demand a director be appointed whose tone is in support of saving the lives of helpless animals who have no voices.

  • Kathy Beason is unfit to be any Animal Director of any County in the USA and Internationally, she does not follow the law.

  • I am so glad that Marley is safe, and that Kira is safe at least for now, but I know that other dogs are being held there for no reason. It is important that officials who are in charge of animal control understand that these dogs are part of people’s families. But they seem to be so uncaring not just about the dogs but about the owners. I owned a dog as a kid and had anything like this been done I think I would have died. So I know how these owners feel. I have to wonder what are the incentives for officials to do this to people. Is it money? I know owners are forced to pay a daily fee to keep their dogs from being put down. But is this all? Does the state subsidize shelters for full cages but not empty ones? I’d like to follow the money. And some people, real sickos, just like to lord it over others. These love government authority. This is probably also a factor.

  • Kathy Brandon has to be removed from her position, period !! She has proved over & over she is incompetent to hold her position. FIRE HER !!!

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