Petition: Please Bring Stitch Home!

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Excerpt from the petition(per the link below):  ”

We are creating this petition because our 8-year-old pit bull mix was forced to leave her home simply because she was born a particular breed. Our dog’s name is Stitch. She is a gentle and loving dog with a wonderful disposition that many people can attest to as well.

My daughter adopted her from the Nebraska Humane Society 5 years ago believing that she had found her forever home. My daughter and Stich recently moved here to Council Bluffs, unaware that this would put her in any jeopardy. Sadly, on July 20th, the Council Bluffs Humane Society happened upon us, as we were outside doing yard work. We were told that because her features were predominantly pit, we had 7 days to get her out of city limits. We are heartbroken and miss her every day! The hardest part is saying goodbye after each visit. I wonder what she thinks and how she feels? ”


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7 thoughts on “Petition: Please Bring Stitch Home!

  • It’s never a dogs fault for behavior. Dispositions are based upon genetics and upbringing. This is disgusting. This dog seems so sweet and I’m mortified by all of these pit bull bans.

  • Let’s be rational, clear-headed and compassionate — return Stitch to his loving family — this is where he belongs! Stitch has RIGHTS, his human family has RIGHTS — there is absolutely no justification for not returning Stitch to his family.

  • The next level of discrimination
    So sad. These ridiculous laws need to be reversed. It’s how they are raised. I have a pit that protects the chickens and is dominated daily by and old Australian shepherd and a black lab. They both bite more than the apparently aggressive breed. Just the newest media frenzy. Once upon a time it was Rottweilers among other discriminated against breeds. Soon Akitas wil be on the list.

  • Why don’t you move put of city limits to be reunited with your dog ? That is surely what I would have done . Couldn’t have left my dog , a member of my family , in whatever shelter he must be, for the last 3 months !!!
    The law is outrageous but why chance it ?

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