Montreal Pitbull Ban Update

Several months ago, we helped start efforts to stop Montreal’s potential ban on Pitbull’s and breeds that looked similar to them.  Fortunately for us, there were several groups already involved and very aggressive with trying to resolve this situation.

The most recent information is that the Montreal courts have announced their suspension of the Pitbull ban.  Meaning it is essentially in effect.  Montreal SPCA states they will not put down any dogs that come in as a result of the BSL ban.

In the coming days and weeks we will need to monitor this situation aggressively, as we will likely need to get involved, but we want to do so in the correct manner and tone.  A rushed response is not a well thought out one.   Keep in mind, rescue groups are aggressively helping to ensure that these breeds are swiftly moved out of the area to safer places.

2 thoughts on “Montreal Pitbull Ban Update

  • Pitbulls, like all animals, when in a proper and caring environment, will always do well and are NEVER a danger. When pitbulls, as all animals, are with knowledgeable and loving guardians, they are an asset to society.

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