Marley Update! 1/3/17

As many of you already know, Marley was saved from Bay County and now is living a carefree life in the New York.

We only wish that Bay County could have done more for this animal.  Regardless, this situation started in September 2015, and to finally get resolve, is happiness to some degree for everyone involved.  We can only hope that the owner is happy as well.

Want more Marley updates?  Head on over to his official page!

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25 thoughts on “Marley Update! 1/3/17

  • This was awhile ago and I would have appreciated knowing exactly where this dog is and what happened. Really bad report.

      • I agree with Delores, is the platform used to gain attention for this case which opened the door for social media. In the future provide updates to the source and don’t assume everyone uses social media.

  • This is Such a Beautiful Dog As Far As I am Concerned Marley Is A Hero. He Only Done What Other Dogs will Do. Was It the dogs Fault Or His Family’s Fault Did They Train Him To Do This. No I do Not Believe That Marley Is A Bad Dog . If I could And was Not As Old as I am I would Take Him . He Is A Protector. And A hero. In My Eye. Find Him A Nice Home Where People Is Very Loving And Caring . Or Give The Dog Back To His Family And Just Make Visits as Simple As That

  • We have so many really dangerous people among us that should be removed but we must fight to protect Marley -a dog- from being treated as dangerous and being removed! This is just an example of the world full of distorted values in which we live today. Leave Marley with those who love it and look for the real criminals in our banks, government and police force!

  • Marley belongs with his family. What the poor boy must be going through. I have two like him and I totally understand how they want to protect you. We humans need to learn their language and try to sense when they are being protective.

  • Please help, too, the poor dog that was spooked by someone trying to put a sweater on him. He reacted and now he is likely to be euthanized. Dog paying for human insensitivity!

  • Since July 28th of 2016 Marley is still in limbo in the unresolved situation, while his Mom who
    needs him suffers relentlessly. Why should he
    be called “Dangerous” when he did what a dog is supposed to DO, protect. Give it a rest please., let life go on, and end the suffering., for ALL of us, if this happened to her, it could happen to me. It seems very unjust. Thank You.

  • That is such a relief! Everyone really pitched in, so let’s toast to Marley and his new owners for a wonderful New Year!

  • Marley has had enough, we have had enough. The Dangerous Dog designation needs to be lifted, over turned and let this family and all the other families that Bay County is doing this to ALONE!

  • Glad she was rescued but this is really tough for her family. I don’t know what I would do if forced to give up my dog like that.

  • So HAPPY he is with a family, although it is upsetting that he is NOT with his VETERAN owner and family that he knew. That is SAD yet I am HAPPY that he is ALIVE and out of DANGER of being euthanized. AMEN. Will his family have the option to visit him or have him returned to them at some point?

  • I am Happy for MARLEY. She will be Loved and will be Safe. It is sad that her former family will miss her. I know I would. Sometimes things do not work out for All involved. But it did work out for the Safety and Well Being of MARLEY.

  • So happy to see Marley doing well and being loved and cared for out of Bay County. Never was a dangerous dog.

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