January 21, 2017

Shelter Contest

We are pleased to bring a new contest to you, that we hope to continue.  With our focus, and depth as a team, we feel that it will be enough to simply create a voting option for users, and then allow them to send the link to their followers and after the course of a set # of days announce the winner.

The winner will simply receive a mention on our social media platforms, as well as on our website.  Doesn’t sound like much?  Our reach is well over 150,000 people.  Within the mention to social media, we will try to tackle the shelter’s needs at that time.  Maybe they need more dog food, or more kennels for cats, or to fix a roof.  We will forward the necessary links and information to our followers.  We also help that with this additional exposure, adoption rates will increase.

Shelter must be 501c3 as well as located in USA.
Contest ends March 11 at midnight Central TIME!!
Votes can be done once per day!
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