Montreal Votes to Move Forward with Breed Ban for Dogs with a deadline

On Tuesday in Montreal, officials voted to ban certain breeds of dogs, including the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Staffordshire, as well as any dogs that look similar to it.   The final vote was 37-23 in support of the ban.   This essentially puts a death sentence on dogs effective October 3, 2016.  Hence animal rescue groups have a limited time to work in, less than a week.

Members of the opposition group, have tried to fight this, but face an uphill battle, their name is Projet Montreal.

This argument wasn’t supposed to happen so soon, but after a fatal mauling of a 55 year old woman, the original plans for 2018 were escalated.  The dog that attacked the female was initially reported as being a pitbull, but DNA test results are still outstanding on that matter.

Expect a court challenge to occur as well, as groups of animal behaviorists and legal experts weigh in on the issue and are taking it very seriously.

Dogs that are at shelters, will soon be considered unadoptable, and will be euthanized.  Rescue groups are trying to save these animals from their certain death.  For the dogs that meet this criteria and are living in homes, they will need to be registered via a special permit by the end of the year.  These dogs are still at risk for being euthanized regardless of their status of having a home.

RRTA Response

We have created a petition that can be found here

We are taking this matter very seriously and fully intend to have this matter reversed with help of supporting organizations.

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