Call to Action: Marley in Florida

As my team picked up details about this dog and the situation surrounding him, we couldn’t help but fall in love with his story and what exactly he must be going through, but to understand, you must first try to put yourself in his shoes…

This dog came from overseas and he helped a couple of soldiers get through less than ideal situations.   Then, when brought back to the states he got to experience something else new, a family.


This is the first time the dog was running on grass.  Think about that, think about how you take something as simple as grass for granted.  Now I want you to think about how the dog has been locked up in a cage for over 10 months and is “greeted” by someone with a long stick who brings Marley out of his kennel.

This needs to stop, the call to action, starts now.

If you haven’t already been caught up on this situation, here is the petition link

If you haven’t heard his story, read it here,

Marley was simply trying to protect his family, plain and simple.

You can help get Marley out and back with his family.

Video of County Meeting-

You will have to move forward to the public participation section, this section is nearly 45 minutes long.


  1.  Make sure to sign the petition, it has over 150,000 signatures already and growing!
  2. Contact local media(newspapers,tv and radio) and get them involved.   This shouldn’t be happening, over 150,000 people understand something is wrong!
  3. Reach out to regional and local media near Marley and ask for them to get involved.  Panama City, Florida is the location.
  4.  Email the County Commissioners and let them know how you feel about this issue.  Stay polite and professional!
  5.  Call ANY Florida State House Representatives or Senators |    Jay Trumbull  Phone: (850) 717-5006    Don Gaetz  Phone: (850) 487-5001     Gwen Graham Phone: (202) 225-5235     William Clarence Nelson    Phone: (202) 224-5274     Marco Rubio     Phone: (202) 224-3041    Ask that they reach out to Bay County and have Marley returned back to his family and a combat veteran
  6.  Email us with how things went!

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