Breaking News- Browser the Library Cat- TX

Browser, the well known library cat out of a small town in Texas, is now safe yet again.  After hearing the story, we jumped on it and got involved.  In just a few days, we were shocked by how many people signed the petition for a cat that provided people of all ages another reason to smile as they walk through their city library.

The cat, was faced with eviction, but there was an emergency meeting held at 430PM today which reversed the decision to evict Browser.  We will continue to monitor this situation as we are aware there may be future issues where others on the council may try to evict him again, if that situation is to arise, we will again step in.  However, we are hopeful that Browser will get to live the rest of his feline life in the library, chasing mice away from the books.


It is clear that this cat, is happy in the environment it is in.  It is clear that the library has made it available to everyone, even those with cat allergies to use their services.  We applaud them for standing out.

We also want to take time to thank Browser’s supporters who signed the petition, told their friends, and messaged us.  We will still maintain the page, but are working to team up with someone at the library so we can get more pictures of Browser.   We are confident that if something else arises with Browser, we will be able to resolve the issue through this community of support of nearly 3000 people and over 12,000 petition signatures.

From RRTA to you, THANK YOU!

1 thought on “Breaking News- Browser the Library Cat- TX

  • Leave Browser alone! He is part of the Library, and so many of we people love Browser & his being there! I vote for his staying in the Library! Where he is loved & cared for!

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