Montreal Petition Update 9/28 1:00 PM CDT

The petition at which we started is now at nearly 30,000 signatures, in about 12 hours, that says a lot, but we need to push this movement further, and stronger.  We ask that if you haven’t already, to sign the petition.

Found here-

Secondly, there is an option to “Promote the Petition”  This will help others see the petition, effectively, you are paying money to get others to see it.  If you cannot afford to do this, simply share the above petition link on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  This would be much appreciated.

We are also asking individuals to reach out to pitbull rescue groups, pitbull groups, BSL groups, animal rescue groups and tell them to share this petition as well.  The more people it reaches, the better.  Honestly, all it takes is one person to share this to the right person/group and that could literally add on an additional 50,000-100,000 petition signatures.  Sound crazy?  We have seen it happen before, most notably with celebrities who pick up on our petitions.

Our ultimate goal is to have 1 million petition signatures, so we can start tackling issues that are threatening those around the world, that are like this, once we solve the Montreal issue.   We firmly believe that we can do this, but ONLY with your continued support.

We ask that you remain respectful and courteous and focus on telling all within the animal rescue community about this petition, the quicker this spreads, the more of an advantage we will have.

Next update will be tonight at 7PM CDT.

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