Petition: Karma: Please Request New Management and Orange County Animal Services

We are requesting new management at Orange County Animal Services after Karma is now listed as being safe.


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39 thoughts on “Petition: Karma: Please Request New Management and Orange County Animal Services

  • I can’t even say how pathetic that whole story was. I’ve never seen a friendlier looking dog. The moron who bought off on that should be replaced and immediately. Please fire that idiot. Thank you for reading this.

    Peter Flynn, dog lover.

  • Please hire responsible management who respects life and does everything they can to save life, not arbitrarily throw it away or destroy it.

  • The wrong people are in the job. If they could do it once they are likely to do it again. Get them out if their position of power and put it people who actually care.

  • The people of Orange,County deserve so much better in their County Animal Services…… The people running it now are way out of touch and ave no idea of how every case needs to be looked at with open eyes and open minds…. Not to just snop judgement against animals that can’t even talk about their side of the story….. The people running this now make good money and should use their brains for thinking of other ways other than “Put them down”…….

  • If a person cannot FEEL for animals, they should not be working in an area where care and concerns are a part of watching over them. Breed should not be of importance, Breed should however be considered when you have small children , especially if you choose an adult canine to adopt. As a puppy, they grow with the child, and that makes a great difference.

  • I donot understand why people without animal knowledge and a love for animals are hired to manage animal’s lives, people in these positions must have knowlege of and training in the newest thinking and practice of helping animals survive witout the old negative biased thinking that causes more problems, the rules which were followed in the Orange county case point out sharply how old ideas corrupt the real issue this kind of ignorance must end

  • stop all this senseless killing .replace current management or shut these places down. these people are not animal lovers
    and should not be working in a place with any animals

  • changes need to be made in this Orange Cty. management ! Most shelters are now ‘NO KILL’
    On a personal note, I lost a wonderful,smart family pet because my county here in Central Florida had a ‘kill after 3 days in custody’ (why call themselves a ‘shelter’? because they surely were not! When John John didn’t come home for dinner (we lived near a National Forest, and never worried about our pets as long as they had their shots!) It was such a small community that a query left at the ‘corner store’ usually proved to solve a problem , including “Have you seen John John”? someone told me that the ‘dog-catcher’ had been called by the preachers wife because there was a ‘pack’ of dogs in her yard!!! (it turned out to be 3 ! all owned by locals ! so I called to inquire. They told me they had not picked up any animals in my area. We searched, and searched and inquired until we decided to go look for ourselves at the County ‘shelter’, a worker told me he remembered seeing a dog with the description I gave, but that he was PRETTY SURE that the dog was picked up , but in another county ! He said he had been ‘put down’ , I asked him to verify the date, and it looked like my sweet boy had been killed the 3rd day in the ‘shelter’ I made a fuss and wrote a letter to the editor, which seemed to make no impact, but a few days later I read the comments in regard to my Letter To The Editor, and there were so many I quit counting and did not get ONE who disagreed with me that the Director of the Shelter needed to GO, it took another year but she was fired and the shelter changed to an NO KILL SHELTER! I still think of John -John and how loyal and trusting he was, as well as being a ‘friend’ to my then 3-year-old daughter as they played ‘hide and seek ‘ with her ! he would actually ‘peek’ around trees and bushes, then jump out at her! The more she laughed the more he played! We are confident that we will see him again one day!

  • the management here must be devoted to the welfare of all animals under their control, doing every possible thing needed in this. – evidently this has not been the case and I think they should be replaced. There need to be background checks before hiring and the condition on these animals should be monitored regularly and the slightest issue reported and handled rightly.

  • Yes, please change the management/leadership at the Orange County Animal Services! Animal services should be protecting animals from harm however with Karma, they were willing to kill a dog that was a family pet and trained service dog – all because she had wolf DNA!! I They are not fit to be those positions. I am so relieved that the petition was successful in freeing Karma to live her life as she derserves to do.

    The “and” is an error.
    Writing is all about credibility, you know.

  • I know animal shelters become overcrowded, and have trouble finding good homes for the creatures in their care. But there has to be a kinder way to cope than killing the ones nobody wants to adopt.

  • Please help the innocent animals. Teach those that take animals for granted instead. We are all in this world together.

  • Let’s get someone in there who actually CARES about these animals! Not someone who is so determined to kill them, that she’ll use tax-payers money to battle in court with cruel and unfounded accusations.

  • There’s always a way to get around situations like this… All it takes is a heart and a brain let’s find someone with both of those qualities

  • I know of someone near Dallas, Texas that is trying to get a law in place for a third party to determine if an animal is truly aggressive, or a threat to other animals or humans. Often times animals are afraid in shelters and deemed unadoptable. This must end as most do fine once outside the shelter. They smell death and hear cries of other animals so naturally they are afraid

  • Orange County animal services management should be replace with people that care more about animals because what happened there will happen again if these people are not replace.

  • Reference for Life should be taught in our schools. At least they came to their senses but other animals are in need as well.

  • There is not doubt that if they made such a poor decision in a blatantly “false case” they have and will make future such bad decisions. A catharsis in management and fresh, modern thinking replacements is certainly in order.

  • I am unable to find a petition about new management at Orange County Animal Services. If someone would be so kind as to give me the correct URL, I would sign it.

  • The purpose of animal shelters is to hold animals while simultaneously looking to adopt them out to caring & loving humans &/or return them to their caring & loving humans. While animals are under shelter’s care, they should be cared for properly.

  • Don’t take a life — Help these defenseless animals against the cruelty and injustice of our system. Get the proper personnel in place to run these facilities with compassion, honesty and a respect for each animal in their care.

  • I wish people cared as much for our children being torn apart in family law as you guys do about animals. Maybe we’d end up with more compassionate people and your cause would better prosper.

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