Montreal PitBull Ban Update

So it appears there might be a way to fix this mess after all, but it comes in a manner that is quite obvious, a political move.   Ever since the bylaw was passed there has been controversy over the dogs it impacts, and more so over why this was even passed to begin with, as many dogs who fit this bill are harmless dogs who already have families, and some of which were in shelters, tried to find families.

Their fate may be changing soon however, due to newly elected Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante’s election promise to repeal the city’s controversial pitbull ban.   City council members cite that there are plans to reach out to a number of professionals, this shows that the Mayor’s office is wanting to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before starting this fight.


The question is, how much of this is just talk, and how much of this will be action.  Existing pitbull and similar dog owners have had to get fingerprinted and pay additional costs because of the breed of their dog.  We certainly hope this will change in the near future and will keep you up to date.

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62 thoughts on “Montreal PitBull Ban Update

  • Pit bulls are loving dogs. I have 2 of my own. Not all of them are bad. Its on how they are raised. It don’t matter about the breed any other breed of dog are all the same. Its how they are raised.

    • I have had many dogs over the years. I am a true dog lover and I can honestly say that my pit bull Mae is the best dog I have ever had!! My sister came to visit for Thanksgiving and her little cute French bull dog kept attacking my Mae. Luckily for the frenchy my pit bull doesn’t have a bad bone in her so she never retaliated. Oh and when I go to visit my Mom and Dad they have to put their cat outside…BECAUSE SHE KEEPS ATTACKING MY DOG!!!! Pit Bulls are so loyal. I live in Ohio and because of the ignorant people who don’t spay and neuter their dogs, there are so many pittys in the pounds.

  • This is good to hear. Don’t alter them either. Loving people can give them a hand. There are other ways to help them too. Don’t give them toxic shots as well.

  • I think any animal can be dangerous if raised that way.It is not the dogs fault it is the owners. Thats like saying the car is to blame when a drunk driver kills someone.These are beautiful animals there should be no discrimination on 1 breed.

  • Fingerprinted? Really? I believe that that is not an accurate statement. We, nor any of our friends who have pitbulls that went though the draconian steps – licensing, muzzle, etc. – but fingerprinting was never part of the burden.

  • Pitbulls are just any other dogs, all depends on who and how they are raised. So it’s not a breed problem, as always, it’s a human problem. It depends on the owner and their porpouse/intentions for having a dog.

  • This is a stupid law. It needs to be repealed ASAP. There are no bad breeds it is all about the owners and how the dog is brought up same as people..

  • This should have never been made a law, however since it was we want to thank everyone for all thier hard work. We are moving in the right direction. Thanks again

  • As I have said before, I find this so hypocritical. The same people who tell everybody that we should not judge people by the color of their skin or the religion they practice are the same people making these ridiculous laws. They should be ashamed of themselves. Apparently we need “sanctuary cities” for these dogs!


  • too many judge what they know nothing about,only what the media decides to tell by twisting the truth..I have owned Pits since the late 70’s and not one of my dogs has ever bitin or been a threat to any one animal or person… too many uneducated close minded people are making laws about stuff they know nothin about,,, If they want to ban an animal maybe first there should be an in-depth analysis of the people that own the problem dog whether it be a pit or poodle or any other breed, As it is the owner that ruins and teaches a dog how to act….you can et in my car and drive away and everyone of my dogs would be glad to go with you for the ride

  • If i had to get fingerprinted because of my American Bulldog, I would sue. That’s just ridiculous. That law should have never seen the light of day. It demonstrates fear and ignorance of the breeds. It creates a precedence that is completely off base.

  • It is the city who started this mess and it should rightly be the city to clean it up. I find the extreme measure of fingerprinting dog owners Orwellian and I’m sure a legal case could be made against this by a class action lawsuit and a good constitutional lawyer. Talk about high-handed, the previous administration did far more harm than good for the constituents. Period.

  • Pit Bulls get a bad rap. I believe as in people there are good and bad in all breeds. Punishing all and breaking up dogs from their loving homes just isn’t right. Do the right thing.

  • This sounds hopeful. It has always been my belief that bad dogs come from BAD OWNERS. A properly raised pitbull is a pleasure to have. They are friendly, loyal and playful. If you are going to punish anyone, punish the owners who beat their dogs or raise them to be vicious. It’s not the dogs fault, they are simply reacting to how they have been treated.

  • I hope that funds allocated toward the pit bull ban law enforcement will now now be redirected toward finding and prosecuting those who run dog fight rings and the rehabilitation of dogs used for this despicable ‘sport’.

  • BSL needs to end everywhere. The media & ignorant ppl have branded this loving, loyal, funny, intelligent breed as monsters; I work at a shelter & they r ALL flooded with friendly Pitbulls bc of BSL. My cousin is an Army Captain who had to give up his baby bc Bully breeds were not allowed where his family moved. This HAS to end! Please reverse this unfair, harmful law!

  • No ban in any country state or city should be allowed!!, This includes pit bull dogs a pit is not born to be a vicious dog the behavior comes from the owner that is not the braids fault!

  • So very happy to hear this! I couldn’t believe that it was true when I heard about the pitbull ban in Montreal. How evil is that?!!!! Well finally someone is in the government that cares about animals. My God!!!! Take that law right out the door and throw it away!!!!!!

  • Do not ever ban pit bulls. They are wonderful dogs. They are kind and loving and they used to be used as the babysitter dog. Cesar Milan has one and he absolutely knows what tremendous dogs they are. Don’t ever even think about banning this dog breed!!!.

  • Canadá es un pais, en constante desarrollo, que desencanto la ignorancia que tienen con respecto a los perros pitbull, a mis manos han llegado pibulls adultos abusados por sus dueños y sin embargo son dulces, fuertes si (no es un perro faldero)Pero son amables.Los humanos si es que se les puede catalogar asi.Son los que los entrenan para ser agresivos y eso puede suceder con cualquier raza.Mas MIEDO SE LE DEBE TENER AL SER Y QUE HUMANO.

  • This shooting was despicable! St. Bernards are large, cuddly, drooling, teddy bears. Their personalities are part of the reason they used to be used for rescuing people in the Alps. Not only should the officer who shot them be removed from the force, but he should not be allowed to have contact with animals. Especially dogs.

  • What is wrong with pit bulls? I have one and he is a big marsh mellow. The mean, biting dog in my neighborhood, in the past was a yorkie. The ones that should be punished are bad owners. Mine came from a situation where the past owners where getting evicted and were going to leave this 4 month puppy there. In my area several years ago was the biggest raid on dog fighting pit bulls around. Not the dogs fault but the men got very little time for it. Punish bad owners, not the poor animals that have no choice.

  • How totally demented is this…where these Precious Fellow Beings have no protection and NO WHERE TO HIDE from these killer demons.!!!
    Genesis : 1 : 29, And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
    Totally immoral and unforgivable! . . . The day mankind evolved on earth is the day life on earth became a living hell for animals! . . . “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” ~ Hippocrates ~ . . . and no one can dismiss the strong possibility of reincarnation! . . . Our purpose in life is to evolve and become better human beings . . . Anyone that condones, supports, participates, spectates and profits in the exploitation, suffering and harming of animals in any way whatsoever or attempts to justify the exploitation and harming of them have not only failed the animals, they have completely failed themselves as a human being! . . . How would you like it if another species evolved on earth and treated humans with the same arrogance and disregard then reared you or snatched you from your natural environment and family or snatched your baby/child from you to be exploited and subjected to the same immoral treatment and then brutally disposed of when no longer fit for purpose? . . . Thought not! . . . Anyone with such a callous disregard for life really does not deserve the precious gift of life themselves! . . . It really does speak volumes about those in government and authority when they allow such immoral treatment of animals . . . Any decent responsible government with an ounce of morals and compassion between them would put a STOP to the immoral treatment, exploitation, suffering and harming of ALL species of animals IMMEDIATELY once and for all . . . ALL animals are ‘sentient living beings’ (which is more than can be said for those that condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation, suffering, harming and murder of them) they are not ‘objects’ to be used, abused, exploited, treated as commodities, slaves, vehicles, hunted, used for so-called sport, entertainment, experiments, financial gain etc. In today’s world we now have a vast choice of food and materials so it is not necessary for humans to consume or wear any animal products either, (let alone exploit dogs and treat them as disposable objects brutally discarding them as a matter of convenience) people only do so for ‘pleasure’ and ‘vanity’, unlike caveman who hunted for ‘survival’ as do wild animals . . . If there were no animals humans would survive on a vegan diet! . . . Purposely farming animals does not make it any more acceptable to exploit and harm them either. Regardless of whether they are tame, wild, born naturally, purposely farmed or produced in a lab, ALL animals are ‘sentient living beings’ on the same level as humans, with a soul, character, emotions, intelligence and awareness of their own and they are fully aware of how they are being treated; they feel pain, fear, anxiety, stress, grieve and cry tears too. Like humans animals bond with each other and have a voice and communication of their own, just because it isn’t a language of the human species is no excuse to ignore their pleas, cries and screams for life and to live in peace free from exploitation and harm. Animals are people in different bodies (and they are by far better people than those who condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation, harming and murder of them), it is only the physical abilities between species that sets us apart, humans can do things animals can’t and animals can do things humans can’t. Unfortunately humans possess ‘egos’ causing many to discriminate and arrogantly think they are more important, special and superior to other species, even to their own kind and immorally think their deluded belief of superiority gives them the right to exploit and harm others. They refuse to acknowledge animals are ‘sentient beings’ making it easier to treat them as ‘objects’ to exploit and harm . . . A life is a life regardless of species and all deserve compassion and respect . . . It is no more acceptable to exploit and harm animals than it is humans . . . Society can never truly progress until it progresses morally and stops the exploitation, harming and murder of animals and others and that can’t possibly happen while those in governments and authorities continue to condone the exploitation, harming and murder of animals! . . . Governments worldwide should be legislating and enforcing laws to protect the welfare of ALL species of animals, tame and wild, protecting their habitat and educating people about compassion and respect to all ‘living beings’ and as to why animals are an important part of keeping environments balanced by maintaining biodiversity that contribute to a healthy ecosystem . . . NOT condoning and encouraging barbarism and the exploitation, suffering, harming and murder of them for the sake of human arrogance, so-called jobs, business, beliefs, entertainment and financial gain etc. . . . Also for the welfare of all species of animals, the environment and human health governments worldwide should be promoting, encouraging, and supporting a vegan lifestyle . . .SHAME on those that condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation and harming of animals in any way whatsoever and SHAME on those in government and authority for allowing and letting them get away with it, you all not only make life a living hell for animals you make the world a very depressing place causing misery, mental anguish and distress to those of us that empathize with other ‘living beings’ . . . Who knows?! . . . Another possible lifetime your soul (what little you have) or the soul of someone you care about could reincarnate into the body of one of the poor creatures you have no respect for and suffer the same exploitation and cruel and barbaric (in fact for all you know, one of the poor creatures being exploited and suffering could be a reincarnation of someone you once cared about) . . . After all . . . Quote . . . We shouldn’t treat other ‘living beings’ human or animal in a way we wouldn’t want to be treated . . . What goes around comes around, if not in this lifetime, any possible future lifetime . . . I would never under estimate Karma! . . . One thing is for sure . . . Mankind’s abhorrent behaviour and dependency on animals makes the human species rather inferior and pathetic unlike animals who survived on their own and managed themselves perfectly well long before certain humans evolved on earth making their lives a living hell.

  • Follow up is vital, but my hat is off to an innovative thinker such as newly elected Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante and her election promise to repeal this backwards thinking law banning pit bulls!

    Ms. Plante, should you keep this promise, I promise to pass on your hard work in my own community. Since I love visiting Montreal, I look forward to what else you may be able to do to make further change to better the lives of animals in your province. I have also signed petitions for such causes during my last stay in Montreal, along with my daughter. I had vowed not to come back until more action is taken, but I would be proud to come back & shake your hand!

    Hether Klesh

  • Yes, so cruel the nasty punishing nature regarding pits. Leave it up to humans, the mean spirited top of the food chain with many weapons at their disposal blaming innocent animals rather than themselves who are responsible for teaching the lesser pets to be good. Certainly not the poor dogs raised without the proper teachings & or let loose to run around & breed causing more havoc & then humans trying to contain them by killing/banning them as after thoughts.

  • What many people don’t realize is that many “pit bull” bans impose restrictions on ALL dog owners — allowing officials to enter your home without a warrant if you are suspected of having a dog on your premises. Don’t feel that you are safe from Big Brother simply because you own a miniature poodle and not a huggable pittipotamus.

  • Call in the experts on dogs and please listen to those who have the expertise to direct you. Call BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY, in Kanab, Utah, and they will gladly assist in SAVING THEM ALL!

  • Pit bulls used to be called “nanny dogs” because they were the favored breed for watching over toddlers and tolerating their abuse (remember Spanky’s dog in Our Gang Comedies?). This breed’s highly biddable nature is what makes it the choice of the evil people who train them to attack and kill. Forced euthanization of innocent creatures whose only crimes are loyalty and obedience is both unjust and morally reprehensible. Jail the owners and rehabilitate their victims: the dogs they’ve so badly abused.

  • I’ve owned two pitbull. They are wonderful dogs. They are comical loyal and affectionate. They are also beautiful animals. I never had a problem with either dog being aggressive or dangerous. Take the time to train them properly treat them with love and affection and they are wonderful. I feel sorry so that so many of them fall into the hands of cruel psychopaths like Michael Vick who brutalize them abuse them and cause them so much pain and suffering. Humans are the only members of the animal species that harm another for so called entertainment.

  • Pit Bulls have a bad reputation, which I feel is very undeserved. If you treat your dog to be mean, they’ll be mean; but if you treat them with love and tenderness than they’ll be a happy dog who won’t hurt anyone.

  • Dogs are dogs by nature! It’s all goes off of how it’s raised , treated and if it’s socialized! Any dog can be vicious! Like I was attacked my a dam chihuahua a couple of times! And I have owed pits most of my life! If cared for right they are just as loving and caring as other dogs!
    I’m not from Montreal but I don’t agree on this one bit!

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