Montreal PitBull Ban Update

So it appears there might be a way to fix this mess after all, but it comes in a manner that is quite obvious, a political move.   Ever since the bylaw was passed there has been controversy over the dogs it impacts, and more so over why this was even passed to begin with, as many dogs who fit this bill are harmless dogs who already have families, and some of which were in shelters, tried to find families.

Their fate may be changing soon however, due to newly elected Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante’s election promise to repeal the city’s controversial pitbull ban.   City council members cite that there are plans to reach out to a number of professionals, this shows that the Mayor’s office is wanting to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before starting this fight.


The question is, how much of this is just talk, and how much of this will be action.  Existing pitbull and similar dog owners have had to get fingerprinted and pay additional costs because of the breed of their dog.  We certainly hope this will change in the near future and will keep you up to date.

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62 thoughts on “Montreal PitBull Ban Update

  • Pit bulls are loving dogs. I have 2 of my own. Not all of them are bad. Its on how they are raised. It don’t matter about the breed any other breed of dog are all the same. Its how they are raised.

    • I have had many dogs over the years. I am a true dog lover and I can honestly say that my pit bull Mae is the best dog I have ever had!! My sister came to visit for Thanksgiving and her little cute French bull dog kept attacking my Mae. Luckily for the frenchy my pit bull doesn’t have a bad bone in her so she never retaliated. Oh and when I go to visit my Mom and Dad they have to put their cat outside…BECAUSE SHE KEEPS ATTACKING MY DOG!!!! Pit Bulls are so loyal. I live in Ohio and because of the ignorant people who don’t spay and neuter their dogs, there are so many pittys in the pounds.

  • This is good to hear. Don’t alter them either. Loving people can give them a hand. There are other ways to help them too. Don’t give them toxic shots as well.

  • I think any animal can be dangerous if raised that way.It is not the dogs fault it is the owners. Thats like saying the car is to blame when a drunk driver kills someone.These are beautiful animals there should be no discrimination on 1 breed.