Old Dog (Vestibular) Disease


More often than not, old dogs will develop symptoms that can look quite scary to dog owners.  Symptoms range from the following:

A tilted head.

Eyes that are crossing back and forth repeatedly.

Not being able to stand up.

Circling in one direction.

Unwillingness to eat



This is often a misunderstood condition and people think that the dog may be on its last leg and be in severe pain.  When actually, it is likely a cause of discomfort.  In my personal case with my german shepherd, it was because of dirty ears and a yeast infection that sprung up out of no where.  About a half hour to 2 hours after cleaning his ears he became to come out of it and soon was able to stand, and eat food.  But think how difficult it would have been if you didn’t know what was going on?   You would need to help your dog to go outside to use the bathroom, and in some or most cases it would be too late.  This can become rather cumbersome and some owners, sadly, do not have the patience for it.  Many of the dogs with these symptoms, if untreated are either put down because of the excessive responsibility and/or the concern within their inability to eat.

To Resolve this issue:  Find the underlying cause.  Shortly after my dog had his symptoms and fully recovered from them (and has been symptom free for over 2 years now), his sister had the same issues.   The owner informed me that the end was likely near for this dog.  I was told that the dog had gone to the vet earlier in the AM and the vet said it was likely a seizure.  I came to their house with ear cleaner, suspecting the same.  After cleaning the dogs ears in a very sensitive manner, I took the dog outside for some fresh air and helped the dog stay standing.  Within minutes the dog was able to stand on its own and soon ate and drank water.  This dog has been symptom free for over 1 and a half years.  It is important to now that the symptoms are not always related to the ears.  Sometimes you have to use the information your vet gives you as a resource to resolve your pets situation.  As in the above situation, nothing would have helped this dog if it was in fact treated for a seizure.  This is misdiagnosed far too much, please share this link with friends and family who own dogs.  Save our furry friends!






Image Link:  Bagmonster.com

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