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Breed Specific Legislation…What is it?

Breed specific legislation, more commonly referred to as BSL, as drastically become a controversial topic in the last several years.   You often see viral posts of pitbulls or other breeds that are marked as aggressive after a dog within the breed does something terribly wrong.  Most of the time though, this comes down to owners Read more about Breed Specific Legislation…What is it?[…]

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RRTA Opens New Store in Time for Holidays

Visit the Store We all know that we get each other gifts for the holidays, but what about our pets?   They account for a lot of gifts during the holidays and yours shouldn’t be left out.  Did you know that each year people have spent in total, about $60 billion on their pets?  This is Read more about RRTA Opens New Store in Time for Holidays[…]

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Montreal PitBull Ban Update

So it appears there might be a way to fix this mess after all, but it comes in a manner that is quite obvious, a political move.   Ever since the bylaw was passed there has been controversy over the dogs it impacts, and more so over why this was even passed to begin with, as Read more about Montreal PitBull Ban Update[…]

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St. Bernards Shot in Red Bluff, CA

Over a week ago, we reported on social media a situation that needed to be looked into further as it was quickly gaining momentum on social media.  In fact, videos were taken of the incident and many neighbors in the area were very upset both during and after the situation had happened.  There was and Read more about St. Bernards Shot in Red Bluff, CA[…]

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