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CC: BestFriends:  Please voice your opinion on this request.
Do you have an email address for your development team?
I would like to request that your organization immediately incorporate an option that would allow shelters to highlight animals at risk for euthanasia, it would then give the user the option to input the date of euthanasia for each animal at risk.   These animals would then go into a list to be specifically worked by animal rescuers.  Reporting features will allow user to see the direct impacts on rescue and euthanasia simply by tracking the # of animals listed per month.  As we tackle the issue of individual pets that need to find homes, we will be able to highlight problem areas where we can concentrate efforts to create no kill shelters.
I am with Rapid Response Team for Animals and we have done several high profile petitions on Change.org.   We feel that we may need to do another one to push this feature forward, we feel we can easily get over 200,000.   If this is necessary for this feature to be implemented, let us know.
I read the about section on your page.  I invite you to take a look at the 2nd objective mentioned.
  1. Increase the overall effectiveness of pet adoption programs across North America to the extent that the euthanasia of adoptable pets is eliminated.
I feel strongly that the above mentioned feature would be aligned with the goal that you have.  In this day and age, its the least we can do to save animals.  Hundreds of rescue groups exist nationwide, offline and online, trying to save these animals that are dear to our hearts.
Your organization is truly their best hope to having a fighting chance in this tough fight.
We assure you, if you can do this much for us, we can turn the corner on euthanasia rates throughout the country.

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  • Totally agree, great idea, however, coming from both a healthcare background and animal rescue for over 20 years, we are creating a “stat” situation in each and every individual case. We would need to set standards for animals at risk for euthanasia- every rescue group/shelter has variations and exceptions due to circumstances of each case. These should be known and the community should be accepting of each organization’s criteria first and foremost, and then establish solid communication plans between the coordinating unit (Rescue/Shelter & Petfinder) and the potential adopters.

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