Former NFL Player Terrence Cody Starved His Dog?

A former Baltimore Ravens player was convicted in November 2016 of multiple misdemeanors, including drug charges and others stemming from his dogs death.  He was later sentenced to nine months in jail as well.

An online petition was started to help urge a stronger punishment, but was largely unsuccessful as it didn’t achieve its goal.

Cody spent nearly $8,000 to buy the dog, a Canary Mastiff, from Spain.

It was a complicated case from the start, as the defense attorney stated that Cody was incapable of caring for the dog given his depression.

2 thoughts on “Former NFL Player Terrence Cody Starved His Dog?

  • The man can’t have been living life in a bubble, where were the other people who might have taken care of this dog. Honestly, I understand depression, but he must have been self medicating to allow his dog to starve. So sad! If he is THIS depressed, he belongs in in patient treatment!

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