Maybe we overlooked something, maybe, everyone did…

What if, there is a method we should be looking at, that we haven’t yet.  A method that help not only save animals and do it in a more organized manner, but it would also highlight the problem areas.   Oh, and one more thing, it would allow for reporting.  So lets say that based on this data we know that 4500 animals were euthanized in one month in the USA, and the next month only 3800.  That is a trend in the right direction.  So, where do we start and who has all this data potential?  Petfinder.

There is no reason why Petfinder cannot create such lists, its a win win situation.  Animal Rescuers will start working from those lists to save those animals.

How can they implement this?  It can be done in many ways, one of those ways is to add an “at risk for euthanasia” option, once this option is selected, the animal is given their date.

Although this information would be very overwhelming, it can certainly be used to the benefits of those trying to rescue animals.

How can you help?   Reach out to Petfinder and tell them how you feel about this at

We are looking for a petition to be setup to this regard, if anyone is interested in being a leader and setting it up, email us on Facebook or at


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