2016, a Year in Review

The year came slowly and went quickly, if you were to look back at many of our stories, you will see that we were very involved with many animal cases.  However, most notably, with Marley the dog in Florida.  Thankfully that situation resolved and he is safe now in New York.  Right before Marley’s case was resolved, we took on another case, also with the help of several others.  This time it was in regards to Breed Specific Legislation regarding pitbulls and similar breeds in Montreal.  We were able to get well over 420K signatures via Change.org, including many celebrity signatures, but have a long ways to go as we received word in late December 2016 that the pitbull ban is currently in effect.

Things we need to work on

We as a group, have a lot to work on.  This website, RRTA.org, is easy to remember, but the website is hard to navigate, it is a headache.  We acknowledge that and are working to make it more user friendly.

We are working to get a website application completed that would enable the upload and tracking of animals that are at risk for euthanasia, lost, or simply found.  We understand there is a need to connect lost and found animals with their owners.  Just as much as there is a need to find homes for those in shelters.  But equally as important, is to update that data, so people working on these animals don’t waste time that could be spent on other animals.  Users of this web application will have the opportunity to earn points by various activities they complete on it.  It awards effort and we hope to provide prizes to those who help, whether that be in the form of donations to your local shelter or treats for your pet!

We also would like to hit a goal of 100,000 likes on Facebook.  The more likes, the more support

We aim to post more animals at risk and help each of you, find ways to find homes for them online.  Believe it or not, there are ways you can help find homes for animals that are thousands of miles away.  We aim to provide incentives for those who show effort and help with an adoption.  (Keep in mind the adoption will need to still go thru the normal adoption process via any given shelter).

Is there anything you think we should add to make this group better?  Let us know on Facebook!


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