Stray Animals in Cities

I don’t think enough people care to take notice of stray animals as they should, but I do believe that social media is changing ever so slowly in some areas.   There are parts of the US where the problem with stray animals is much worse than others.

Did you know that 25% of dogs that local shelters take in are purebred?  Estimates for stray cats and dogs in the US is in upwards of 70 million!   (

From that 70 million total, only six to 8 million are lucky enough to get into the country’s 3500 shelters every year (Source: Humane Society of US).  Just think about how many of these shelters are kill shelters and don’t give the animals a real chance at finding a forever home.(

The biggest problem though, is that only 10% of animals entering shelters have been spayed or neutered. (

Only 3-4 million are adopted per year. (

I think that we can all do better as a society to help deter homeless animals from becoming a problem in our community.  Having a no-kill shelter with community outreach is a key to success.  Citizens need to know they have a shelter and the shelter needs to have adoption protocol that is strict so that the animals find quality homes.  Aside from that, spay and neuter programs work great if done responsibly and can certainly payoff down the road.

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