Capone: Petition+ 5 Quick FACTS about the Case You Should Know Here is the link to Capone’s petition, this petition has nearly 25,000 signatures, and we are working to get that number much higher. Quick Facts 1).  This incident is taking place in Aurora, CO and has been ongoing for nearly a month (since February Read More

Montreal Pitbull Petition Update 9/29 7:30 PM CDT

We have surpassed our Noon Goal by nearly 25,000 signatures!   We were going to set a new goal to meet 150,000 signatures by midnight, but we can’t, because we beat that too! Petition Link: We continue to impress onlookers and even ourselves! Even Read More

Montreal Petition Update 9/28 1:00 PM CDT

The petition at which we started is now at nearly 30,000 signatures, in about 12 hours, that says a lot, but we need to push this movement further, and stronger.  We ask that if you haven’t already, to sign the petition. Found here- Secondly, Read More