Rome, GA Shelter needs to be changed to a No-kill

Floyd County Animal Shelter closes its doors each Wednesday, to euthanize several dozen animals.  A vet doesn’t administer the fatal dosage, but rather a shelter employee.  We were also informed from a supporter that they don’t take care of sick animals.   We certainly hope this is not true.

However, there is good news, we did some research and were able to determine that a new shelter should be completed by October 2016, however we are unable to confirm if this is still an active deal.  The vote on this shelter is to take place on 12/22/15.

What we think of this:  After review of the ordinances, it clearly states ”

Any animal within one (1) of the following categories may be destroyed in the discretion of the director of the animal control department in as humane a manner as possible”

We still do not believe this is being done in a humane manner and sick animals should be properly treated for, and based on the information we have received, they are not.  Based on these reasons we are requesting that those in charge put euthanasia on hold.  We will help find homes for animals at risk of being put down.

What we ask of you:  Reach out to Rome, GA county officials and see if they want a no-kill shelter.  See if they think a vet should be giving the shots.  Something certainly seems wrong with this.  Here is a helpful link  and

Also, if you would like to, by all means setup up a petition on and send us a link.  If we agree with it, we will support it.


If you reached out or have questions about something, send us an email at

2 thoughts on “Rome, GA Shelter needs to be changed to a No-kill

  • Do not blame an overwhelmed shelter. Shelters pick up after the uncaring, stupid, cruel, ignorant and clueless people who do not spay and neuter their animals. It’s a government that won’t close down and outlaw puppy mills throughout the U.S. It’s the asshole back yard breeders…..scum of the earth.

  • Donna is so right, but still, an animal shelter should be just that – a place of shelter for stray animals. It sounds like they could be a little bit kinder than they are.

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