Case: Please Help Marley! (Florida)


We urge that you sign this petition in hopes it will send this dog back to his family.

Status: Awaiting Judge Decision

The following text is from the petition page

In 2011, a young puppy was rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. The young dog, Marley, lived in the horrors of war before being rescued by United States Army Veteran Jonathan Jones. Now, Jones is fighting the Bay County Courts to save his dog’s life against a cruel injustice. He has been sentenced to death for a natural reaction, and one that Jones feels does not warrant such a harsh reaction.

He was roughly 6-7 weeks old when rescued off the streets of Kabul and he has come to a long way with the help of MANY people however, he is now the victim of a VERY overzealous Animal Control Agency that is acting outside of it’s Constitutional Authority. After everything Marley has been through, to have the dog awaiting a death sentence for a natural response is unfair and we are determined to help justice prevail.”

The incident occurred when Marley bit Jones’ 15 year old son who was wearing a mask while playing cops and robbers with his 5 year old brother. Marley was only protecting the younger boy from what he thought was a threat. Unfortunately, neighbors called animal control before learning the facts.

The Bay County Magistrate ruled in Marley’s favor, but the County Attorney is appealing the case for a death sentence. Marley has been in a glass chamber on death row in Bay County, Florida for almost five months now. The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 3, 2016. We are asking for your help to affect change to protect Marley and thousands of dog like him that are caught up by a overzealous and unconstitutional government agency. We are fighting for Marley’s life to not be killed and hopefully save the countless other dogs and family pets from this kind of fate. Thank you.

49 thoughts on “Case: Please Help Marley! (Florida)

  • This is absolutely ridiculous!! And overzealous is NOT the word. Let this poor dog go home to his family and go get the ones who NEED you ti be involved.

    • I agree the dog should be let go, absolutely! It is ridiculous. He was protecting a LOVED one, yes. But isn’t it a bit heavy handed to blame the whole state of Florida? Sorry, but I live in Florida and these comments, that have nothing to do with the situation at hand, are offensive. I don’t know the state in which you reside, but I would bet that there are plenty of atrocities and animal abuse, neglect, etc…animal mistreatment is a worldwide problem, and not just in Florida.

      • I live in Florida and and have found out through many years, that such things as animals, marine life, and the environment are not the @1 priority for State Government. They are more interested in cutting down trees and putting up strip malls.. There are no places for animals native to Florida to go anymore. It makes me sick!

        • You’re right. And I’m sorry I sounded defensive. Florida (but still, like other states), needs to look deep into priorities regarding ALL animals.

      • Maybe not “just” in Florida, but this case shows that the state has nothing to brag about when it comes to the kind treatment of animals.

  • Please concentrate on genuinely irresponsible owners, who are a menace to their pets as well as society and spare this much loved pet’s life. Send Marley home to his family. Good luck Marley and family from the UK xx

  • No reason for this pup to have to die. Can’t blame a dog for being a dog, especially given what he has been through. this whole thing is just ridiculous. No one has the right to take another living being’s life, and the neighbors had no right to interfere in this business of this family.

  • The neighbors had no right getting involved in a family matter. The dog is overtly violent and did not inflict serious damage. The judge already ruled in favor of the dog. LET Marley go!

  • Please spare Marley’s life so he can return home to his family. He has come along ways to live his life without war.
    He deserves another chance to live a happy life with his loving family.

  • It’s not the dog that is the problem, it is the fact that the child should have been taught to be more sensitive around the poor dog. An animal’s natural reaction is to protect & that is all the dog did. If this is how it works, then you need to put down every animal, all the armed forces & anyone who protects other people or animals! If it can’t go back to the soldier who rescued it the just let the dog go to someone who can look after it & make sure this situation dose not happen again.

  • Please let Marley go to his family, he already had gone through so much, and they care about him, and will take good care of him

  • This little dog needs to be with his family. He escaped the horrors of his previous life. Surely, he meant no harm and deserves a second chance to live a life he deserves with those who love him.

  • Dogs get PTSD too. Have heard of military dogs coming home and being terrified of thunder.

    Please give this dog a chance.

  • PLEASE give Marley back to his family. Hopefully, the 15 year old will realize that wearing a mask around any dog (or cat) is not a good idea. The animal doesn’t realize what is happening & only trying to protect their human. Marley deserves to go back to his family.

  • Please give this dog back to his family. Considering the context, this is a major overstep, and the dog belongs with his family.

  • The dog loves his family and acted to protect the young child. The family loves their dog and understands protective behavior in dogs that is appropriate. The county attorney should really take a second look and make a decision in favor of Marley. Concentrate on helping people to protect abused dogs and help their families with their care, not harm everyone involved here.

  • There are so many other genuine problems here in Florida that government needs to address rather than delaying sweet Marley from being returned to his family. Please reunite this loving family with their much beloved Marley.

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