Capone: DNA Tests Are In!

DNA tests prove suspected wolf hybrid Capone is just a dog

The DNA test results are back, and they show that Capone is…. just a dog, not a wolf hybrid as Aurora, CO officials believed he was.  So what is the next step?  There is an active petition ongoing currently, and the next day in court is this Wednesday to determine this dogs fate.  While this latest news is certainly great news, we don’t know how far longer Aurora, CO wish to drag this out.

44 thoughts on “Capone: DNA Tests Are In!

  • Colorado has their priorities mixed up. I am really disturbed by the actions of this state. Why are states allowed to discriminate agains dog breeds. Colorado needs to step up to the plate and become aware of how ridiculous they look among the others.

  • DNA has proved that Capone is not a hybrid wolf dog or anything other than “just a regular dog as he was purported to be. There is no plausible reason for detaining Capone or his family for any reason while the “authorities” in Aurora CO have egg on their face! Pursuing this dog and keeping him from his family for as much as one more day is perverted persecution and an effort to save face by the town. Reprehensible in the first place…despicable…misinformed idiots in charge trying to make a name for themselves. Heinous!!

  • Too many dogs get neglected and this family and their dog has suffered tremendously and needlessly. I say get this boy home and not only apologize but make it right by paying them for their suffering. Not that it would ease their pain but teach a lesson to the ones that did it. Our pets are like our children. And yes many are even better than that and deserve respect and care. It should not have to wait for a court date at all. The dog got out by mistake and now they have proof they were wrong. Too many lives are lost every single day because of heartless people and this family needs their baby home…..

  • If Capone is just a dog as DNA has proven, then why is he not being released !!!
    In my opinion, even if there is a fine for him being loose, it should be waved after this horrible experience
    Aurora CO has put this family through !!!

  • What do they have to drag out??? This dogs only charge now simply running at large, give the pet owners a ticket and send him home!!! They have no legal reason to hold this poor dog.

  • I certainly hope the Aurora,CO. officials will now step back and realize what a huge mistake was made in assuming Capone was a wolf hybrid. An apology would be nice but even better returning this dog to his rightful owners would be even better. It is so devastating to lose our beloved pets to death let alone to a mistake like this one. Please send this dog back to his owners now. Thank you.

  • If this dog is not a wolf-hybrid, return Capone return him to his family now and do not drag it out any longer.

  • I fully believe they should be able to sue the city of Aurora for this travesty. Why isn’t the dog already home? He should have gone home the second the DNA tests came back.

  • Capone should go home. They already know he’s a dog, what is their problem now ? The right fir animals should be protected.
    Hope everyone fights to save Capone
    Thank you,

  • Aurora,CO, your animal control people are complete morons. How about picking on the people who are abusing and neglecting their animals and give this poor dog back their pet of 10 yrs! Whoever made the decision that this was a wolf dog with no basis should be fired. They are not a fair or intelligent enough person to hold a job with this kind of power.

  • How can they drag it out any longer? It’s a DOG! Send him back to his family where he belongs! Shame on Animal Control in Aurora, CO!!!

  • I cannot believe the Aurora officials are still worrying about the breed of this dog.Hey,Aurora DNA doesn’t lie.I guess the Aurora officials do not have enough to do.I would think you should be more concerned about the problems that are confronting this country instead of demonizing this wonderful pet.I have a friend residing in Scotsdale and she cannot believe what is taking place.
    I have visited Arizona many times,a beautiful state I did not realize such I n humane people live there.
    We are watching you,so I think it would be in your interest to resolve this matter and leave this family and their pet alone.

  • Let the dog go home. Jerks!
    I would sue them for the stress they put him and the family through. They have no legal right to keep him.
    He is not dangerous.



  • Since there is now no evidence that Capone is part wolf, the city should immediately dismiss the cause of action and should agree to pay all attorney and court fees.

  • They don’t have a leg to stand on now……there’s proof that he’s all dog and not a hybrid…..hopefully judge will return him to his owners on Wednesday!!!

  • At this point, I think you should seek damages for the unlawful seizure of your pup and the pain and suffering caused without adequate justification. The DNA proves that they are ineffective at profiling and should not use that as a technique.

  • Let’s do the right thing here! RETURN the dog to his family! Quit dragging this out – you were wrong, admit it and let the family have their beloved member back!

  • They need to give the dog back to it’s owners. what is their problem. It’s just cruel and inhumane to keep the dog from it’s owners.

  • Now the family needs to sue the living hell out of Aurora Animal (Dis)Services for Emotional trauma, mental anguish, Stealing Capone from them and a number of other charges that they should talk to a lawyer about raising against AAS.

  • This is so bad. They are basically treating this dog so bad it could be considered cruelty. Are there no people on this board or committee that care for animals of any kind?

  • GOOD news! — Clearly, Capone has a clean record, a gentle disposition AND has a wonderful & responsible family — Capone had a misstep — he jumped his fence — a small gaffe — what exactly is his crime?! — who of us has not committed a similar act — imagine you’re KILLED for erring one way or another — it’s so outrageous, it’s almost laughable — RETURN Capone to his loving home — if anything arises in the future, then ALL parties can convene & come up with a resolution — until then, Capone belongs home with his loved ones — LET’S GET SOME RATIONALITY — LET’S GET SOME SANITY — LET’S GET SOME SMARTS — LET’S GET SOME COMPASSION.

  • This sweet dog and his family have suffered long enough. It’s time for him to go home where he belongs.

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