Capone: Petition+ 5 Quick FACTS about the Case You Should Know

Here is the link to Capone’s petition, this petition has nearly 25,000 signatures, and we are working to get that number much higher.

Quick Facts

1).  This incident is taking place in Aurora, CO and has been ongoing for nearly a month (since February 24, 2017)

2) The owner is being charged with 5 counts ( not having a valid rabies certificate, allowing a dog to run at large, owning a wild animal, failure to own a pet license, and owning a dangerous animal.  Keep in mind this case is still an active court case.

3) Many individuals have been outspoken about this issue, including state lawmakers.  The names of those lawmakers who have heard from concerned citizens are as follows, Tim Neville, Steve Lebsock, Jovan Melton and Joann Ginal.  They all wrote a letter to the manager of the Aurora Animal Shelter, pleading not to euthanize pet until they have an opportunity to review this further.

4)  Earlier this week, news broke that the DNA test concluded Capone not a wolf hybrid.

5)  The next court hearing will be this Wednesday 3/22/17.

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